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Framing to 8 Places of Sanctity at Ratchaprasong quarter.

Anyone who would like to bless with the love, work, finance and fortune. Look at this!
We are Tuk Tuk Studio, will take you out to 8 places of sanctity around Ratchaprasong that was reputed to wish for blessing.  Anyway, Let’s go!

1.Phra Brahma

According to faith, Brahma is the creator, destiny designated person and destined for life. It the origin of the word “Destiny” that is said that those who wish to blessing, you will fulfill the desire. Especially about work, finance, authority, prestige and progress. Thus, making people of thousands gather to intended for a votive offering in this place.

The trick for you all:  Should not go to pay respect to Brahma on the Buddha’s Day because there was believed that Phra Brahma, he will practice the dharma on the Buddha’s Day and did not come to shrine, so he will not hear from the prayers.

The people come to make votive offerings are both Thai and foreigners. In particular, Chinese, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The sacrificial offering: 12 incense (3 incense stick for each area), 4 candles (1 per each area), 4 bunch of marigold flower (1 bunch per each area) and fruits such as coconut, pear, banana etc. (Do not offering meat)

Point: Ratchaprasong intersection beside Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel

Time: 6 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.

2.Phra Indra

The Phra Indra or Thao Amarin Tharathirat is the god of compassion, protecting the benefactor that assisting dispel evil and danger. Believing that will give blessings on the repression and the competition for achievement.

The offering: elephant figurine and bamboo marigold

Point: in front of Amarin Plaza

Time: Open 24 hours

3.Phra Narai

The Hindu god Vishnu or Phra Narai Song Suban, according to faith is the god of mercifulness and executive god. Which grant power to prestige. Most of people prefer to praying for the business and prosperity to overcome any obstacles and accomplish.

The offering: 9 incense stick, 1 pair of candles, yellow sacrifice such as marigold flower garland or Thai desserts such as Tongyib, Thongyod etc.

Point: in front of the Intercontinental Hotel (Opposite side of Phra Indra shrine)

Time: Open 24 hours

4.The Tritamurati

The Tritamurati is regarded as a God of love, for who is heartbroken, disappointed in love or be single for a long time. Don’t be afraid to be unmatched anymore.  And for the couple, the love will be long and no obstacles. A lot of peoples that who wish to blessing, they say that they are happed in love from this place.

The trick:  to pay respect on Thursday at 9.30 a.m. or 9.30 p.m. They said that if you praying on Thursday night, it will be very effective!!

The sacrificial offering: 9 stick red incense, 1 red candle, 9 rose or 1 rose flower garland and 1 red of fruits.

Point: In front of Central World

Time: Open 24 hours

5.The Ganesha

The Ganesha is the God of success. With the great wisdom who dispel obstacles and support for success in everything. For those who would like to succeed in studying, work, business and various businesses tend to pay respect to the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

The offering: 9 incense sticks, 1 candle, marigold flower garland, milk, mild dessert such as indie dessert or fruits such as bananas, sugarcane, pineapple, etc. (Do not offer meat. snacks and eggs containing food)

Point: in front of Central World (Beside the Triamurati)

Time: Open 24 hours

6.The Lakshmi

The Lakshmi, an example of a woman with beautiful and manners, therefore regarded as The Goddess of Beauty, prosperity and abundance. They said that anyone who wishes to bless, will succeed. Especially, doing business, trading and negotiation.

For anyone who would like to escape from being single or wants a couple, able to praying with the Lakshmi as well.

The offering: 9 incense sticks, 1 pair of candles, lotus flowers or pink flowers (When offering lotus flowers unfold to petals to bloom first and then float on the water).

Point:  the 4th floor deck, at Kaysorn Village building (opposite Central World)

Time: 7 a.m.- 7 p.m.

7.The Jatulokaban Thao

The Jatulokaban Thao or all 4 Thao Maharaj are gods who recue the suffering of human beings in all four directions. If worshiper who come to pay respect that make merit and goodness. Thus, the god will protect, help and send the angels to protect them from all danger.

The offering: 16 incense stick, betel nut, 9 cigarettes, fruits such as bananas, mangoes, dragon fruit, etc. and red or yellow flowers.

Point: the 4th floor deck, at Kaysorn Village Building (walk to the left side of His Majesty Lakshmi)

Time: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

8.The Phra Mae Uma Devi

The Phra Mae Uma Devi is the wife of Lord Shiva and as mother of the Lord Ganesha. Be the goddess of halo and the highest prestige. Believing that anyone who has come to pay respect, she will be blessing to the president of the rank of authority, success and have a good life in couple.

The offering: 10 incense stick (recommended for use in aromatic or frankincense), all kinds of flowers (Recommended marigolds, jasmine, red roses and orchids), greasy dessert, fruits and all grains.

Point: Big C Super Center, Ratchadamri Branch

Time: all 24 hours

How to going to Ratchaprasong (intersection)

  • BTS station, get off at Chit Lom station and get out the exit number 6 (Central World)
  • The bus number of 2, 13, 14, 17, 76, 77, 79, 164, 504, 505, 511, 51
  • Saen Saep canal passenger boat, get off at Pratu Nam pier (watergate)


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