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Pin 7 Tasty Things @Victory Monument

Be prepare for anyone who enjoy eating. ️ Because Tuk Tuk Studio will take everyone to invade at Victory Monument. It’s complete in one place!! Ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Follow us to see what is that! Let’s go…

  No.1 The Best of noodle boat (Guay-tiew-reua Pa Yak)

The legendary shop of noodle boat in the Victory Monument area. The Best of noodle boat shop open for over 40 years! For the taste is delicious, fresh and clean ingredients. The price starts at only 12 baht per bowl.

There are 2 zones inside. You can choose the seat in a cool air-conditioned room. Or you can enjoy the view by the seat on the outside.

Very appetizing!!

Point of place: Ratchawithi Soi 10 (enter the alley to observe the right side. The shop is located at the bridge over the canal).

Open : every day at 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Price : start at 12 baht per bowl.

  No.2 Guay-Jap, the Victory Monument

It’s a Chinese big flat rice noodles and brown soup, topping with crispy pork and some offal. The shop is famous for soft and chewy rice noodle, full-flavored soup, clean ingredients and crispy pork. So tasty! Starting price at 40 baht per bowl.

Point of place: Victory Monument (Phaya Thai Side) nearby bus stop.

Open : 24 hrs.

Price : 40-50 baht per bowl.

  No.3 Eat Am Are good steak

This steak shop is favorite for teenage. With quantity food, good quality, reasonable price and very delicious ~ “Eat Am Are” There are a lot of menu options, whether steak, soup, salad, spaghetti or various snacks. Ensure that it is delicious, worth it for sure~

In addition, the combination menu, 159 baht for set. Able to choose a favorite of 2 steak with side dish.

The combination set, Dolly fish & Mashed meat steak with baked butter potatoes (the side dish is salad and cheese bread).

Point : The shop located in front of Soi Rang Nam (Beside Century Mall).

Open : every day at 10 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.

Price : Steak menu starting price at 99 baht.

  No.4 Curry and Rice Buffet Shop

Curry and rice menu, considered to be easy menu to eat, delicious and convenient. Importantly, cheap price. Usually, topping rice with various curries in variety of menus according to your choice (generally 2 menus per 1 dish). For this shop is buffet, that you can eat any menu for the price only at 59 baht. Be filled with Thai food menu and no time limited.

This shop is open for curry and rice during the day. But during the night open for a grilled pork is on the pan in Thai style.

In various menu, very delicious and worth it.

Point : Entrance to the side street (close to Eat Am Are shop).

Open : 7 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Except Sunday)

Price : 59 baht.

  No.5 Crispy Crepe

The specialness of the shop that able to choose the crispness of the dough up to 3 levels (Soft / Medium / Crisp). With the quantity filling and many fillings to choose from. Whether it is savory or sweet filling. This crepe as a dessert and snack for Thai people. Very tasty! Don’t miss!

Crispy crepe dough and delicious filling. Yummy!

And the price is reasonable.

Point : Century Mall, B floor in the area of Food Court.

Open : every day at 10 a.m.– 8 p.m.

Price : start at 20 baht. (depending on the filling that you choose)

  No.6 Guu Fusion Roti & Tea

Roti is a crispy flat bread, in Thai style add some sugar and sweetened condensed milk. The tea (teh tarlic) as a Thai tea mixed with milk. For the shop be combination with Roti and Tea. With various menu to choose from. Very tasty for sure. Taste it by yourself.

With both roti and tea menus including various drinks.

This is “Roti topped with caramel”, crispy outside and soft in mellow with butter and juicy of caramel, very delicious! Served with “Apollo tea”, the signature drinks of the shop.

If coming during the day, not many people. For evening time, a lot of people.

Point : Victory Monument (Phaya Thai Side) around the area of van station.

Open :9 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Closed every Wednesday)

Price : for Roti starting price at 20 baht / Drinks starting price at 40 baht.

  No.7 Aroi Jung Pang Pa (Bread shop)

Large bread tight with filling. By softness of the bread and the moistness of the filling. Considered a very tasty dessert. And the price is not expensive. It’s worth it!

There are many fillings.

The breads with blueberry cream cheese and green tea filling. The taste is mellow. Yum Yum~

Point : Center One Mall, Food Court area, 1st Floor.

Open : every day at 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Price : start at 20 baht per piece.


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