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Enjoy Shopping in The Train Ratchada Market @Bangkok

For someone who would like to take the time in nightlife. We are Tuk Tuk Studio, we will recommend you some place. No matter what you are. You are shopaholic, enjoy eating person and like to chill out. The place that we are taking about that is “the Train Ratchada Market”. Let’s go to see how it is?

To avoid the traffic jam in evening time, should get the MRT (subway) to get there will be better, it’s very convenient and fast. Get off at the Thailand Cultural Center Station, Exit 3 and keep going to Esplanade mall. The market located at behind of this mall.

This Route is for enter to the market, around 5 p.m. It’s not so much people.

Yeah! We are here!! We will make it easier to understand, the market divided into 3 zones are Food zone, Shopping & souvenir products zone and Chill out zone.  We start with the food zone at first. Let’s go!!

We start to walk on the tip right lane. Just a few minute, people began to come in gradually.

Walking just a few steps, a smell of the roast pork, float come touch the nose. There are pork, chicken, meat and pork sausages. Eating with sticky rice. Yummy!

Look at this! juicy roast pork…Eat it!

Grilled prawn, with the spicy dipping. Super tasty!

The set of sea food, a perfect set for enjoy eating person. Including the seat service. Don’t worry!

The Pickled Crab, Salivating.

Continuing to hot cake with seafood (mortar pan), crispy and soft in, with bean sprouts and chilli sauce.

“Jompalang Noodle (บะหมี่จอมพลัง)” a big bowl of noodles. Try it!

For drinking, stop by watermelon smoothie. And a variety of fruit such as melon, banana, mango, coconut and lime. Drink it!

We chose this smoothie. A big ball of watermelon.

Come to meet “Durian “, king of fruit. “Mon thong Durian (หมอนทอง)”, peeled and pack in. Ready to eat, in many sizes to choose from.

“Thai crispy pancake” or “Khanom Buang (ขนมเบื้อง)”, can’t stop bit it. With sweet filling and crispy, both sweet filling (golden egg yolk thread) and salted filling (made from coconut). Thai people like it very much, maybe you will like it too.

And then came across the celebrity for the market, “Cheftui Ranger (เชฟตุ๋ย เรนเจอร์ )” be famous of the pork rip, marinated with spices and barbecue sauce from the secret recipe specifically.

The dish is 0.5 meters in size, about 360 baht. With soft texture dissolves in the mouth, serve with pickles, mashed potato and spicy dipping sauce. And service for steak knife and the gloves for use the hand.

Already full eating, Let’s go to shopping & souvenir zone.

The shop of the weave bag, very popular among tourists. Both hand bag and crossbody bag, many types and styles. (the bag made from Water hyacinth. Do you like this style?

There are clothes, bags and shoes together in this shop.

The animal printed shirt is so cute, bring to match with pants or jeans, would look chic!!

Many clothes with the cheap price.

   Be full of bags, hats, and glittering accessories.

Wow! This is a good idea. The bag made from cement bag. Look cool!

Do you think which one is more beautiful?

For the shopping zone, in many lanes. There are various styles and trendy things.

Finally, we are in chill out zone.

All around the chill out zone.

Just walk around and choose one of it, so many shops.

Take your time in nightlife at “the train Ratchada market”.

The market be the one of tourist attraction. Completed with street food and shopping zone including chill out zone. You will like it surely.

Day/Time : open every day from 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.

How to going?

MRT (subway) : get off at the Thailand Cultural Center Station, Exit 3.

Bus : no. 136, 137, 172, 185, 206, 514, 517, 528, 529, 73ก.


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