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Enjoy Eating in China Town @Yaowarat Rd.

For many people would definitely know China town! Alright, we are Tuk Tuk Studio, we don’t miss to take everyone to travel at China town in Bangkok. That is “Yaowarat”, along the road as a market that be filled with food stalls and restaurants. Furthermore, be a place full of popular and famous restaurants. Anyone who is the enjoy eating person, we sure that it be a place that is definitely desirable to you.

Let’s go to find something to eat together!

Yaowarat Road” was born in the reign of King Rama 5, as the Chinese community for business district, finance, banking, gold shops, restaurants, shops, etc. since the past to present. However, this road will become from economic road to a food street at night. Along two sides of the road are filled with various kinds of foods and many restaurant, shops and stalls to choose from. On the colorful atmosphere by lights from the shops around, as signature of this place. It spent more than 8 years for construction, started in 1892 -1900, for 1,410 meters long.

We started to walking at late afternoon. Let’s see the atmosphere during the daylight.

Because it was late afternoon, the sunny is not very strong. The atmosphere is still full of restaurants. They started to open at around 4 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. for that started to open night market.

Be filled with restaurants and food stalls like at night time.

There are the herbs shop such as chrysanthemum, flower tea and many leaf teas.

This is the soup with pork intestines shop, called in Chinese “Dteu Huan” (Chinese pork intestines soup).

And there are many desserts to choose from also.

We recommend this dessert, that is “Lod Chong” is Thai pandan short vermicelli in palm-sugar coconut milk. Eating with the ice and little syrup. Very tasty!

We come at this shop, the fish balls and noodle shop. With many kinds of fish ball to choose from.

Even the seafood, there are many sea foods on this shop. And the popular is the picked crab with delicious spicy sauce. For this shop will close around 4 p.m.

Look at this thing, very appetizing!

And then we come to see the atmosphere at night. During the night, it will be quite lively and bustling. Including the lights from various shop signs. Alright, let’s go to find some delicious food!

Start at this shop as the first shop. Which is “Patongko” or deep-fried dough stick. Eating with pandan custard. Try it!

Continue to walking, will find the Texas alley. The Texas is a sukiyaki shop. In this alley, there are many food shops…

“Pa’Jin Cockle Texas Yaowarat” as a popular shop and always a lot of peoples. For the price at 100 baht per dish.

Peel the shell completely. Served with two types of dipping sauce sour spicy and sweet with peanuts. Able to mixed two dipping sauces together, very delicious!

For drinks, we recommend a smoothie mango juice. To quench thirst and quench the heat simultaneously.

We arrived at a shop that is very popular in Yaowarat. This is a bread shop. With the crispy dough outer and soft in, and packed with filling. It’s quite a lot of people to queued up. By having to bring the paper menu to take the order and write your name. Then wait calling for the name to receive bread from the shop.

In many filling, butter, pandan custard, orange jam, strawberry jam, chocolate, milk and chili paste.

This shop is a lot of people as well. The food Chinese style, Shark’s fin in brown soup, Braised fish maw in red gravy and Hong Kong stir fried noodle.

“Kuay Jap” the one of popular food that having to taste it when coming to Yaowarat! (Boiled Chinese pasta with soup)

Another dessert shop that is a lot of people. “Sweettime”, with many desserts to choose from. And this is Sarim with Tab Tim Krob (water chestnuts in coconut milk). The price is 40 baht.

The Noodles shop, with shrimp dumplings, barbecued red pork and crab. The order quite quickly, not waiting for a long time and also delicious.

And the another Kuay Jap shop. This menu as the food of Chinese style. In Yaowarat road, full of shops that unique and has a secret recipe for each shop.

This shop is another shop that has many people lining up. Grilled squid shop with delicious dipping sauce.

This shop is mango and sweet fish sauce. A fruit that Thai people like very much and foreigners are the same.

Stir fried sukiyaki on hot pan shop. Including, oyster omelet and other menus. Try it!

For Yaowarat road, there are still famous restaurants. And other interesting shops. Ensure that you are dazzled with a variety of foods. However, you must come to experience the atmosphere here by yourself. Travel with friends or family to spend time enjoying food together.

**We do not recommend coming on Monday. Because the shop closes during day and night**

Anyway, don’t miss to get this place! We have to say goodbye! Have a good trip!

  • By Subway (MRT) get off at Hua Lamphong Station, then cross the road to the opposite side for continuing to the bus. (Bus no.4 and ปอ.7)
  • By bus no. 1, 7, 8, 37, 49, 75
  • By boat, take the boat at Wanglang Pier and get off at Ratchavongse Pier. And then, keep walking along Ratchavongse Rd.
  • Tuktuk car is available at Hua Lamphong Railway Station, price is about 60 baht.


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