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Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun (Wat Chaeng)

Hi, we are Tuk Tuk Studio. Today, we will take you guys to see the temple with beautiful sculpture and be in trend at now, that is “Wat Arun Ratchawararam” or “Wat Arun” in simple name.

And another name is “Wat Chaeng” for Thai people would be familiar. The origin of the temple name from Thai history in period of King Taksin, which went to do battle and returned at dawn.

For how to get Wat Arun, so easy!  If you are visiting or staying nearby the grand palace and Wat Phra kaew area, just go ahead to Tha Tien pier (behind the Grand Palace and Wat Pho).

At Tha Tien pier, the signpost is not outstanding. May be, need to use observation to find it. Don’t worry! Look at this picture. Tha Tien pier look like this!

When you arrived at the pier, just go straight inside. You will see the point of pay for crossing the river about 4 baht per person.

It will take you to the pier of Wat Arun, and then you can travel all around there.

During the time, on the boat.

There’s a cool breeze in the air and can see the Prang from the far.

At landing of the boat, Wat Arun.

When you already arrived at the pier.  Just walk to travel all around, without expenditures.

The entrance fee to visit inside the Prang, about 50 baht per person for tourist.

In the first point, you will see both of giants at the entrance or Twelve statues of Giants.

On the left side is Tos-Sa-Kan (Ravana) and on the right side Sahasacha. They are friends each other.

Come to get to know about two giants. When taking about the giant of Wat Chaeng must be couple with the giant of Wat Pho. Both are inconsistent.  Let’s get some of this story together.

In the old time, they are best friend each other, but there was a fight between some important things. And it had battle until everything in the area of two temple (Wat Chaeng and Wat Pho) was destroyed, then the name of Tha Tien came from this story. (Tien is was destroyed until the end)

Walking along to Cho Phraya riverside, you will see King Rama 2 monument. Which is considered an important person of this temple, supported the expansion temple from his father (King Rama1). And there is the place for keep the urn or the ashes of the King Rama 2 also.

The monument of King Rama2.

The prang from the far corner.

For visiting the Prang closely for tourist, there is the ticket for entrance about 50 baht per person.

From the front corner at the entrance.

The Prang or Phra Prang at Wat Arun as the highest prang in Thailand.

With height 82 meters and width 234 meters.

It’s decorated with glazed porcelain and colorful Benjarong bowl.

For those who like take a picture, don’t miss this! A lot of interesting things to capture.

And nearby the temple, also there are another place that you can travel to such as Wat Rakhang Khositaram, Wang Lang Plaza, Wat Kalyanamitr, Community of Chinese Kudi ,etc.

  • Open every day 7.30 a.m. –5.30 p.m.
  • The entrance fees about 50 Baht per person (for tourist)
  • The crossing boat from Tha Tien to Tha Wat Arun about 4 baht.

Please, dressing properly (Not wearing miniskirt or shorts).


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