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Coffin donation with Ruamkatanyu Foundation @Wat Hua Lamphong

When be in bad situations, be in trouble and do anything with stuck. Thai people like to relief by making merit and dispel bad luck with a ceremony.

In this trip, we will take you to make merit at Hua Lampong temple with Ruamkatanyu foundation.

This place is suitable for office workers, because of it open 24 hours. Although you finished work over time, then you can come hear anytime. The easy way to getting by MRT, just get off at Sam Yan station and get out of the exit number 1. On the right side, Ruamkatanyu foundation.

We are here! Don’t worry for someone that come here for a first time. Follow us! Let’s go!

Don’t be confused. When seeing a long line like this.

They queue up for make the coffin donation. You have to write on paper about your intention. The officer will be wait for you.

Go ahead to the table with pink paper on it. The paper look like this, don’ forget to write your name and surname on it.

Write your name and surname.

When finished writing, go to the line (queue up) for bring the paper to officer. And officer will write your name and amount of money in another paper.

Just one more to tell about the donation. If you make a donation about 500 baht. One of coffin will named you only as donor.

Then, bring the pink paper to glue for stick in a coffin. In the area provided.

Thinking benevolently or kindly for wishing and praying. And stick the paper on a coffin.

Actually, we have to incense for pay respect in shrine. However, due to dust problem. Just pay respect and praying.

There are the number in the sign for guide you how to walk to anyway.

In First point, The Fairy (Sky and earth)

Chinese people believe that worshiped will inspire peace and happiness for worshiper. And considered as to gratitude to the ancestors as well.

For second point, third and fourth point be in the center point, able to respect at the same time in this point or each point.

In Second point is Chaopho Khaotok (Godfather), there is belief in will bring
Prosperity and healthy.

The third point, The gremlin, Grandmother and Piem Grandfather. For Piem grandfather be renowned that for incantation(magic). And be respected by volunteer officers.

The fourth point, Poi Sian (Euphorbia Milli) Guan Yin, be well-known as the one of Buddhist deity that be clemency to all living creatures (animal world), Therefore, should contemplate before praying.

the Guardian Spirit in the fifth point.

The sixth point, The Tiger Godfather (San Chao Pho Suea) as supplement for authority and prestige for worshiper. In this point, you will see offering with fresh meat. If you don’t believe it, don’t disrespect it!

Normally, there are seven points together.  As mentioned earlier, without incense in seventh point.

At the end of all six point, but still one more paper, and then bring it burn down. Burn it. Fire!

All right, everything is done. And for someone would like to add fuel into lantern, there is point for sale. It standing in front of the shrine, choose from the size that you want.

One more thing to recommend you, the shop of Ice cream, very tasty!

Many of flavors and able to try some flavor first. The female vender is so nice and kind.

Someone will be better and relieve feel anxious on this trip! Don’t worry! Come to make merit on this!

Don’t forget to take your free time for make merit for others and add fortune for yourself. Anyway, we collected merit for you!

See you again!


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