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Street Art Graffiti @BTS Ratchathewi

e are Tuk Tuk Studio. We have some place to recommend with art graffiti in Bangkok. It is easy to reach by skytrain at Ratchathewi station.

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Street Art in the city @Charoenkrung

Tuk Tuk Studio, we take everyone to the street art at Charoenkrung Rd., the old original road that built in the first Western style in Thailand.

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Enjoy Shopping Street @Chatuchak Market

Tuk Tuk Studio, we will take you all to wander and go about the Chatuchak market. Let’s go to see around the market, what is interesting here?

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Artist’s House @Klongbanglaung

Who want to find peace for life? Don’t miss to get here. On this time, Tuk Tuk Studio take everyone to the Artist’s house, Khlong Bang Luang Community.

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Enjoy Shopping in The Train Ratchada Market @Bangkok

For someone who would like to take the time in nightlife. We are Tuk Tuk Studio, we will recommend you enjoy walking at the train Ratchada market.

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Pin 7 Tasty Things @Victory Monument

Tuk Tuk Studio, will take everyone to invade at Victory Monument. The center of travel in the Bangkok city. Which be filled with many kind of foods.

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Enjoy Eating in China Town @Yaowarat Rd.

We are Tuk Tuk Studio, we take everyone to travel at China town. That is “Yaowarat”, that be filled with food stalls and restaurants along the way.

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สตรีทอาร์ท เจริญกรุง ศิลปะสุดเจ๋งกลางกรุง

จากกำแพงเก่าๆ ผุผัง ดูแล้วไม่น่าสนใจ… เมื่อถูกจรดปลายพู่กัน ถ่ายทอดเรื่องราวลงบนผนังกลับกลายเป็น “สตรีทอาร์ต” ที่แสดงผลงานศิลปะสุดเจ๋งใจกลางกรุง

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