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Wat Muang,The Largest Buddha Image of The World @Ang Tong

Hello everyone! We are Tuk Tuk Studio. This time we will take you guys to go around provinces again. Go to experience the atmosphere outside the city. And now we’re in Ang Thong province. Which there is a famous temple, that is “Wat Muang (วัดม่วง)”. What is interesting inside the temple?  Let’s check it out!

Wat Muang is located in Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong Province (อ่างทอง).

The temple is presumably created since the late Ayutthaya period. In those days, Wiset Chai Chan city was once a prosperous fortress. After Ayutthaya city lost its monastery and Buddha images. Many things were burned to be the ruins. Then, Wat Muang was left to be desolate. Until the year 1982, Luang Por Kasem Archansupho (หลวงพ่อเกษม อาจารสุโภ), hiked (pilgrimage) until reaching this temple and used it as a place of practice the dharma. While practicing the dharma, the vision of Luang Pu Khao (หลวงปู่ขาว) and Luang Pu Daeng (หลวงปู่แดง) be apparented and told him to rebuilt the temple. Because, he is provost be filled with halo that can be reconstructed the temple to come up again.

In 1991, Luang Por Kasem, laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Buddha statue (attitude of subduing Mara) with a lap width of 63 meters, 95 meters high. And giving the official name that “Phra Maha Nawamin Sakyamuni Sri Wiset Chai Chan”, by villagers called it “Luang Por Yai”. Luang Por Kasem, used to notify of disciple to continue the construction of Buddha statue, before he passed away. And giving name that “Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin, Sakyamuni Sri Wiset Chai Chan” by Luang Por Kasem, Intention to dedicate to King Rama 9 (King Bhumibol). The group of disciples a student and the people gather to create the Buddha statue.  The construction completed on 16 February 2007, with a total construction period of about 16 years. The lap width 63.05 meters, 95 meters high. Spending approximately 106 million baht.

Side by Luang Por Yai, will meet with the tabernacle of the 3 greats.  The Kings who restored the land of Thailand, that are King Naresuan the Great, King Taksin the Great and Somdej Phra Piyamaraj or King Chulalongkorn (King Rama 5).

Another highlight of this temple as a statue garden. Which be filled with a stucco statue in many exhibits. Such as simulating images of Buddhist hell that tell about the various actions of retribution and punishment. With the morale teachings of sin, merit, punishment according to Buddhist beliefs. Teaching to be ashamed of perpetration. There is also a stucco image of character in Thai history. Including characters in literature and many more.

And this is one scene of Kanha-Charlie’s story.

Wiharn Kaew (the glass Buddha image hall)” the inner decorated with glittering glass. Similar to the Tha Sung Temple, Uthaithani Province. With a magnificent, innside the temple is enshrined “Luang Por Ngoen”, attitude of subduing Mara. That was created with the first real silver of Thailand. For Luang Por Kasem, a former abbot who initiated the creation of a large Buddha image of Wat Muang, laid in a glass-decorated coffin. Side by brass statues of famous monks.

For anyone who wants to travel near Bangkok. Ang Thong is another province to be a good choice. There are many other interesting places. On the next, we gonna go where? Don’t forget to follow us! We are Tuk Tuk Studio, hope you enjoy it. For today, we have to say goodbye. Luck you!


  • Wat Muang far from Ang Thong city about 8 kilometers. If coming from Bangkok, go straight on the phahon yothin road to get into Ang Thong city. Through the market and turn right on the front of the prison. When you find intersection, then turn left. (going to Suphan Buri), travel follow the route Pho Phraya – Tha Ruea route (โพธิ์พระยา-ท่าเรือ). The temple is located on the left side. Able to notice the golden Buddha image at a distance.


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