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Samchuk 100 Year Market @Suphan Buri

Hello, everybody! How are you today? We are TukTuk Studio, we will take you to travel in outside Bangkok, not too far to reach. This time we take everyone to visit the old place that is “Samchuk Market” at Suphan Buri province. Alright! Let’s go around together!

Samchuk Market is an old market with Thai-Chinese culture for 100 years. It has been declared as an eco-market. Located on the riverside of the Tha Chin River, Sam Chuk District, Suphan Buri Province. As considered a major source of trade in this area…  Then, let’s go to find something delicious!

Let’s start at the first menu, that is “Chinese Pastry” or “Chinese Cake”. There are many fillings to choose from.

“Eggs Stick” made from quail eggs. Frying in the pan (like a takoyaki pan), pepper and eat with soy sauce. Yum Yum!

the Giant Meatball“, the original one shop in Samchuk Market. No preservatives.

If coming to Samchuk Market, don’t miss to try these meatballs.

Because Suphan Buri province is a city that close to the river. Therefore, the fish will be very special product.

Small fish is delicious as well. It’s useful for healthy!

This thing is Thai sponge cake, the famous product of Suphan Buri province.

One of the old products, like a powder in perfume water.

The roasted duck of the famous shop in the market. Try it!

This is a curried fish steamed and topped with salted egg. (Thai: Hor Mog (ห่อหมก))

Crab and Shrimp Chinese steamed dumpling. (Thai: Khanom Jeeb, ขนมจีบ)

Coconut Ball as a one of Thai desserts. (Thai: Kanom Tom, ขนมต้ม)

This place is the house of Mr. Chamnong Chinarak, the founder of Samchuk Market.

Within the place, atmosphere remains charming, old and simple. Displaying information and history hang on the wall.

After that, we head to hunt for delicious food! And this is “Chinese Sausage“, suitable to take home.

Various chili paste, in many tastes! It’s good taste!

Refresh yourself with a variety of drinking!

There are Thai sponge cake in fish-shaped. So cute!

The ancient toy…Have you seen this thing!

The Thai traditional clothing for children . So cute!

For “Samchuk Market” is still more interesting things than the pictures we presented. When you travel in Thailand and looking for some place. We recommend here, an ancient market with the old charm. There are many delicious things! Don’t forget to put the trip of Suphan Buri province in you plan! Goodbye and Lucky you!

Traveling : From Bangkok, drive through Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, to Suphan Buri Province. The distance is about 107 km. Then drive along Highway No. 340, and turn into Samchuk Market district. For Samchuk Market, located on the Suphan River, next to Samchuk District Office.


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