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Roam about the classic place @Kudi Chin Community

Talking about Community of Kudi Chin, for someone who never know what is in this community? On this trip, TUK TUK Studio will take you to get to know in aged of community.

A small community for over 200 years old. Including as the community in various races and cult, able to living together. Both of Thai, Chinese and Portugal. As the place is suitable for everyone.            

The Kudi Chin community was built in Ayutthaya period by King Taksin, conferred the land for create a community for living.

We continued trip from Wat Arun which able to ride by tuktuk car or taxi to get off at Santa Cruz Church. By saying that stop by the Santa Cruz Church or Arun Amarin, Soi 4. Stop at in front of Santa Cruz School.

Get off at the school, able to see the top of Church from far away.

And the first point is the Santa Cruz Church or Wat Kudi Chin is called by the people’s community. The church in Portuguese style that was respected by the people in the old time.
At present, still be respect and be spiritual anchor for the people. The sculpture style of the church looked same to Ananta Samakhom Throne hall because of same craftsman.

Walking around the other side of the church, will encounter with a little alley of community. Able to travel around and taking picture.

The wall of each house decorated with painting and drawing. Which suitable to capture the lovely images.      

Walking a few steps, meet the Kudi Chin house museum. For the first floor is a coffee shop with drinking service. For upper level floor, there are exhibition of pictures, scenes and ancient utensils about this community.

The scene inside the Kudi Chin house museum.

In communal area is the origin of Khanom farang or khanom Kudi Chin (Chinese dessert) with integration between Portugal and Chinese, in the old time of creation community. Considered as the dessert that has been for a long time and completed with delicious till now. And consist of the dessert in 3 part are flour, egg and sugar and topping with raisin or dried persimmon.

Still be original in many houses, preserved to maintain an ancient home.

At walking route on Chao Phraya riverside and the pier, able to see Phra Buddha Yod Fa bridge for far away. And turning around to the Chao Phraya river, turn left just a walk steps to come across with the ancient wooden house, named “Manila” as the old house still in original. Because of received conservation from descendants.

Manila House

Next, meet the Gian Anong Shrine or Guan Yin Shrine that was built together with the community.

Inside the Shrine, no photography allowed.

Till the evening, it’s time to turn home. The pier not far from the shrine. We recommend you to wait for the boat in the area of the shrine because there is no shade for standing. The boat will land at Tha Pak Klong Talat, about 6 baht for the crossing boat.
And if you would like to continue the trip, able to walk around at Pak Klong Tarat as the market of various flowers in evening.

Because we parked the car at Royal navy club is beside to The Grand Palace, and then we will ride there by tuktuk about 60 baht.

For the person who like vintage style, this place is worth it! Feeling good, warm and cozy with the people of this community. Moreover, so you will have the collection of beautiful images.


The crossing boat about 6 baht.

Or take the boat from Tha Tien to Tha Wat Arun about 4 baht and ride tuktuk to Santa Cruz Church about 40 baht.

Day and time to open of Santa Cruz Church: especially open on Sunday.


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