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Khao Kheow Open Zoo @Chon Buri

Holiday is good day to be able to enjoy! If you have no idea where to go, follow us, TukTuk Studio! Today, we take you to close to nature and experience various kinds of animals at “Khao Kheow Open Zoo“. The largest open zoo in Thailand. Wow, let’s travel together!

First of all, an army marches on its stomach! Therefore, we stop by the shop “Korn Khao Coffee” to have breakfast. It located before reaching the zoo about 2 km.

The shop is decorated in a casual style, looks lovely, warm and nice atmosphere.

The owner of the shop is very nice. She is so friendly.

 Let’s start at the first menu, refresh with “Fresh Milk Mango“. A little sour and sweet. Yummy!

And this is “Purple Sweet Potato Fresh Milk“. The taste is sweet and delicious.

Pan-Fried egg with topping” served in a small cute pan, scented with butter and lightly taste! It’s good!

Thai traditional spring roll” (Thai: Toong Tong (Thai money bag))

End with this dessert “Samosa, banana filling“, crispy and juicy soft in.

After that… It’s time to travel to “Khao Kheow Open Zoo“, it’s opened for more than 41 years!

First of all, we have to paid the fee for entering. Then can go to see the animals closely! Let’s go!

This is the first animal that we met. There are many species of gibbons, swing and hang on the tree.

And this is “antelope“, cute face and gentle eyes. This area has a pet food service for sale to feed of the antelope. Or if anyone wants to take a photo, can shoot closely with them as well.

A cute and plump animal that is beloved for many children like “Penguin“. There is a penguin parade show.  Anyone interested in contacting the staff at the spot.

This goat is very hungry. Haha!

Did you know… “Hippopotamus” is the third largest land animal in the world. It can open wide mouth up to 180 degrees.

African Savanna Zone…with animals according to their native land. Set the environment like origin land. There are many kinds of animals in the same zone, such as the white lion family, giraffes, zebras, ostrich, etc.

This zone has an area of more than 5 rai. You can touch the animals closely with animal feeding activities.

This zebra stood very still. It like a replica. Haha! But it’s a real zebra.

Let’s see “Lion“, look like sleepy. Haha! it’s big cat but still very cute.

Caution! Should not knock the mirror or annoy the lion.

the “Flamingo“, the distinctive feature of this bird is in the neck and long legs. Hairs are pink color, especially during the breeding season. Very beautiful and very friendly bird.

This image… a staff was dropping food to “Hyena“, jumping to get the food. Creating a lot of buzz for visitors.

the mother and her son, “Koala” are very cute animal of Australia. Lovely!

We end this trip of the zoo with “Red-shanked douc” (langur). Endangered animals which is known as the most beautiful langur of the world! Do not forget to stop by to see the cuteness of it.

If you don’t have any plans to travel in holiday. Just take travel to come close to nature and experience the many animals like this. “Khao Kheow Open Zoo” is guaranteed to be suitable for everyone in the family. Enjoy all day!

Map of Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Thanks for Photo and information from : Facebook สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว

• Bangkok-Pattaya motorway line (Pattaya), turn out “Bang Saen – Sriracha”, Km. 77 + 800

• Bangkok-Pattaya motorway line back (Bangkok), turn left at Km. 100 + 300 to Nong Kham

• Chonburi Road Bypass Turn left at the intersection towards Sriracha (Do not enter the toll booth)

Date / Time: Open daily 08.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Service fee to enter the zoo

Zoo ticket price

• Adult 150 baht

• Children not higher than 135 cm. 30 baht

• Foreign adults 250 baht

• Foreign children 100 baht

Fee to bring animals into the zoo

• Motorcycle 40 baht

• Cars 80 baht

• Bus 100 baht


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