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The Golden Mount of Wat Saket @Bangkok

Hello! This is TukTuk Studio! We comeback and want to take everyone to be conqueror of “The Golden Mount” at Wat Saket. The Golden pagoda on the high mountain that can reach to the top with 344 steps! If you want to know what it is? Let’s see together!

The Golden Mount (Thai : Phu Khao Tong (ภูเขาทอง)), located at Wat Saket Rajavaravihara. It was built from a replica mountain by King Rama 3, but due to the area has collapsed and make this pagoda suspended and was discarded. However, it had been created by making a replica mountain which there is the pagoda on top, for enclosed the relics on top and changed the name to “Phra Barom Banpot” (พระบรมบรรพต) in the reign of King Rama 4. Until completion in the reign of King Rama 5, and beautiful as seen today.

Before going up to the top of the Golden Mount, for foreigner have to buy tickets first, the price of 50 baht.

While walking up, do not be afraid of being hot. There are the steam fans to make cool and fresh. Okay! Are you ready to exercise? Let’s go!

During the way up, there will be a point to seat for rest. To view of nature around that created from this replica mountain.

If you want to rest a bit, there is a coffee shop on the right side. Able to rest with a cold drink. After this, let’s go on.

If you looking up, then saw the same image like this. I’m glad to you. Because it is almost there.

When you came up on top already, the first point will be found was this Buddha image. This area has no signboard for removing shoes. However, the most people like to take off the shoes before entering.

Walked inside, there is a point where can pay homage to sacred things all over the area.

In this area have to remove the shoes before entering. By walking circle around from right to left on this point. There are sacred things and Buddha images to worship which inside contained the relics.

When the walking is complete. Everyone will find this label sign, that will lead you to meet the way to heaven. Who wants to go up to heaven? Follow this!

When coming up on the top, we will meet with the big golden pagoda.

Looks very beautiful and splendid!

When viewed from above side, it able to see the view of Bangkok at the utmost.

The view is beautiful. It such a nice place!

When taking pictures and watching the scenery until satisfied. Then we are down below. The way up and down will be on each side. Do not go the wrong way…

The stair of way up and way down, look like this image. It’s may be inconvenient way, be very careful. It’s just a small way.

Coming down below, there are many guidelines for directions. We will turn right for go ahead to visit “The vulture of Wat Saket”. (The sign above the toilet sign)

As the signboard that specify there were vultures, feeling so excited to see the rare bird like that… But, it just a bird model anyway. When we took a picture for a while, foreigners even stand to be confused. Why did you take photo this bird?! Haha!

On the reign of King Rama 2, as the Cholera period or Disease outbreaks acutely, causing many people to die. In the old time, there was a few nearby temples. And there were rules that banned cremation in the city. However, in the city has only one gate that can move bodies through by this gate only which was called “Pra Tu Pee (ประตูผี)” (The ghost’s door). The gate located near Wat Saket, therefore a number of corpses left to wait for the cremation on this temple. Wherewith the number of corpses is too much. Causing the cremation to not run out completely, and then the vulture crowed to gnaw the corpses. Then, it be the origin story of the name of “The vulture of Wat Saket”.

When walking through the vulture model. Down to the bottom area will find the toilets for service.

This Golden Mount, there is an annual event during November every year. For pay homage to the Buddha’s relics and cover with the red fabric at night time. As considered the largest temple fair and be filled with the most people in the city center. Don’t forget to visit here!

Day / Time : open every day at 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Traveling : by bus number of 8, 15, 37, 47, 49

*** Please, dressing properly. Not pornographic clothing ***


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